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Smithsonian classes, part 2

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by , 10-30-2008 at 06:20 AM (1487 Views)
Interesting observation:

In my night photography class, EVERYONE is shooting film. In my portrait class, all but myself and one other woman are shooting digital. I understand the desire on the part of the instructor to have folks shoot digital in the portrait class, for the instant feedback. What I find interesting about it though is the chimping that the students do that totally breaks up the workflow of the portrait session. I really wish I could bring in my studio camera monster, but I think I'd have a hard time getting it down the elevator to the classroom, never mind getting it from my studio to the Smithsonian every week.

I've got my next night shoot tonight. We did some printing in class last week - I dragged in my platinum/palladium printing stuff, and tried to set up a workflow, but it just wasn't right. I also managed to drip water on both prints I made that evening, ruining them for anything other than proofs. I think from now on, I'm just going to print at home over the weekends and bring in finished stuff so I can go home early.


  1. yurihuta's Avatar
    How would you rate the Introduction to Studio Portraiture course? I too am looking for something to get me out and shooting more and to also learn something.



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