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Week 7 - Pulitzer 1949 - The Babe Bows Out - Nat Fein

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by , 11-27-2008 at 03:59 PM (9478 Views)
It has been two weeks since my last installment, longer since last I posted any work. I'm on a bit of a holiday, a break, taking a rest you see. I'm not sure how long it'll be but I planned a month off. Could be more but I'll do my best to continue with these installments consistently.

Nat Fein - The Babe Bows Out

Camera 4 x 5 Speed Graphic

Film Kodak

Lens 127mm

Shutter & Aperture 1/100 @ f5.6

George Herman Ruth (The Babe) is an American baseball legend of the roaring 20's. I'm sure there are many of you that have never seen a baseball game in your life but you still know the name and the legend. His records stood for decades, some broken as late as the 70's. He hit home runs on demand, womanised, trained with hot dogs and beer, loved kids and brought joy to many fans.

Many years after retirement fans came together to honour The Babe on the 25th anniversary of Yankee Stadium, 13 June 1948. He was ill from cancer and his body language showed this. Shoulders down, heavy head, using the bat as a cane he stood and received a thunderous applause from a packed house.

Nat Fein was the photographer behind this well thought out winner of the 1949 Pulitzer. The Babe standing apart from the players, hunched over, almost a ghost of the strong record making machine of his earlier years and yet still a man of men. His legendary number 3 worn with pride for the last time. The number was to be retired and Fein knew this. The impact of the number did more for this photograph than any front on could have. It was the last public appearance for the number and for The Babe. He would die two months later on 16 August. He will live on in stories and in this photo forever.



  1. jd callow's Avatar
    Another great one. Take your time and get these posted as you can. I really appreciate your efforts
  2. JBrunner's Avatar
    I so appreciate these.
  3. two40's Avatar
    Glad you're enjoying them. I'm having fun learning about each photograph and the people behind it.
  4. pauliej's Avatar
    Glad to see these old pulitzker photos in the public domain.

  5. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    I'm enjoying this as well. I would like to see our opinions as we progress through the Pulitzer Prize winning body of work.



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