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Dollar Portraits Update

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by , 12-17-2008 at 05:47 PM (3859 Views)
I've had some progress recently so I thought I'd post an update on this project. Original post here.

Current kitty at $100. I've stopped shooting until I receive my business cards which will help with the subjects visiting the site after their photo is taken.

I have two businesses on board. One is providing a discount for film dev and the other is printing 1,000 business cards for free.

I have received an email from a girl in the Philippines who wants to use the idea on her own project. I'm really happy about this. Wish more take the idea, put their own twist to it, choose a charity and run with it.

Today I got my letter of authority from the Cancer Council NSW after meeting with them yesterday. They're really excited about the project and will support me as much as they can. Authority letter here in pdf.

I should have my business cards ready very soon and I'll be able to start shooting more often. Really excited to be finally getting some results.


  1. Domenico Foschi's Avatar
    This is just great.
    Makes me want to make it as well.
    Who knows.
  2. Shangheye's Avatar
    Great effort. Well done. I noticed that the termination date of the letter is not quite correct...should it not read 2009? Not that important, since the idea is wonderful. k
  3. two40's Avatar
    Well spotted, thanks. I'm not going to bring it up with them since they issue new ones every 3 months and we all know how quickly time likes to tick.

    Domenico, just do it then.



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