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Darkroom time

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by , 01-26-2010 at 06:47 PM (1567 Views)
I read somewhere that one must spend in excess of something like 25,000(?) hours doing something to become truly skilled at it. It has me thinking about how much time I spend at my photography. Not enough, I know that much.

So, in lieu of a New Year's resolution, all year I'm going to keep rough track of my darkroom time (not including shooting time). As of today, I've spent 15 hours in that glorious space. Not too bad, really.

As for what I'm working on, its the Fofofest images. Two portfolios are in the works. I'll just call them "Matilda" and "Equivalents" for now. Both I've been working on for years, in a rather unfocused manner. But now they are coming together, along with the dreaded Artist Statements. How I hate writing those things! But do understand the need, especially for a portfolio review.


  1. Adams's Avatar
    25000 hours??? Galloping Grapenuts!!! That's like 12 years full time (with no vacations.)

    I say the only times that are of any real importance to those like us are "exposure and development times" (and even they're not etched in stone.)

    Enjoy Fotofest!
  2. R gould's Avatar
    I have spent a lot of of hours in the darkroom over many years, but25000,thats a lot even for me,Richard



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