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Strange vibes in the air.

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by , 09-27-2009 at 11:50 AM (1521 Views)
Well its been a long while since I've blogged. Actually forgot about this until someone recently mentioned it. So here's what's up: I'll be attending the Fotofest Meeting Place in March. No portfolio yet. How's that for insane? I am working on it (when I have time). Many negs, even more ideas. But not one single finished piece. It will get done-- it always does. The question is how high my stress level will go to get there. I am personally confident about what I'm working on and constantly reminding myself that if I am true to what I am trying to express, it will come thru. Maybe not to everyone, but to a few at least.

To bring up the stress level a notch or three, we started on the total kitchen remodel that we have dreamed of for 9 yrs. So now I sit in a kitchen-less home, trying to cook using only an electric skillet and crock pot, surrounded by boxes, plastic sheeting (that is NOT keeping the dust from the rest of the house), and looking at studs and rafters. Shopping for appliances (what to choose??), choosing colors and finishes, change orders that always cost more--- I am truly losing my mind and my patience.

The semester is going--ok. Strange vibe than I cannot put my finger on. I've never lost so many students so quickly. Not necessarily bad, as it means more room in the darkroom. And the ones still in class are great--enthusiastic. I even had one student say she dropped all her other classes--except photography! But there is still this odd feeling... cannot put my finger on it....Other teachers (not just photo) are sensing the same thing from thier classes, oddly enough.


  1. keithwms's Avatar
    Valerie, the loan market totally shriveled up over the past year; I think many students are simply dropping out due to financial concerns. Classes that have additional surcharges (e.g. chem labs and photo labs) may be especially hard hit.
  2. colrehogan's Avatar
    Glad to see you posted here again. I've been considering posting more, but other things have been interfering.



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