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Ike aftermath

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by , 09-17-2008 at 06:09 PM (1875 Views)
THe hurricane dealt us a direct hit. Massive destruction. The images from the coast just break my heart. Here, with power supplied by the generator, we are only inconvenienced. Cleanup will take a long time, but we've had no damage to the house or cars and, more importantly, to ourselves.

I've taken lots of digipicts, but will venture out with a real camera soon: the lovebugs that gather along the sap rings of the just-sawn tree trunks, the tomato hornworms that ravaged my tomato plants worse than Ike, the make-shift clotheslines along my party patio, the baby squirrels (Mike, Ike, and Charlie) found in the treetop of a downed oak the next morning.


  1. Sportera's Avatar
    I would be very interested in seeing some photos!
  2. johnnywalker's Avatar
    Me too. Hope you find the time to get some soon.
  3. Silverpixels5's Avatar
    Good to see you all came out alright. I'm also in Magnolia, still w/o power and running water. No major damage though, which is good.
  4. Valerie's Avatar
    OMG!! You are in Magnolia??? We definitely need to get together for coffee and camera talk.

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Still no power, but counting my blessings every time I see images from other areas.

    Some picts are on flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/eyefeminie/
  5. Silverpixels5's Avatar
    Sounds good! I need to get out myself and snap a few pics other than the ones of the tree on my house...lol.
  6. photomc's Avatar
    Good to see news from you Ron, and of course Valerie..our thoughts have been with you guys. Hope you both DO get out and share what you find with us.

    Sorry about the baby squirrels Valerie, I know what fun that can add to a day with their antics.
  7. Silverpixels5's Avatar
    Thanks Mike! We finally got power yesterday! No more candles and beef jerky! Have they got power in your area yet Valerie?
  8. Valerie's Avatar
    The power came on Saturday.... now I am so used to NOT having power that I forget to flip on the switch when I come into a room!
  9. Silverpixels5's Avatar
    I've been doing the same. My wife came home yesterday at about dusk, and asked why all the lights were off. I was like 'oh....I didn't even think to turn them on. '



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