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Help!: Cries of a new photographer!

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by , 01-03-2009 at 02:58 PM (1914 Views)
Hi! I am new to photography. I fell in love with black and white photography this past summer at camp. I don't like digital very much, it is just not like the hard earned work of developing your own stuff. I just set up my own dark room (and i still need an enlarger!). My only problem is the stop bath for developing film. What should I use? Should I buy an acid based product? Make my own vinegar product? If vinegar, how much do I use with water? Should I just use water? Help!!



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  1. Richard Wasserman's Avatar

    Welcome to the wonderful world of B&W photography! I don't know how old you are, but I set up my first darkroom when I was 12 in a spare closet in the basement.

    To answer your question, you don't need stop bath for film. I simply fill the developing tank with plain water, agitate it a few times, drain, and repeat a second time. Then fix.

    I suggest too that you will get more answers if you post your questions in the forums rather than in a blog. Good luck with your darkroom.

  2. Markok765's Avatar
    I just use Ilford Ilfostop, which has no scent, and also has a dye in it to tell you when it is used up. You can also rinse the film a few times between development and fixing.
  3. youngphotofreak94's Avatar
    thanks a lot guys!
    btw i am bit older then u were richard when u set up your first darkroom.
    if i were to use the ilfostop, where would i get it and how much is it?
  4. cblkdog's Avatar
    Hi, good to hear you like b/w. where do you live? I might have an old enlarger you can have. I'm in NJ in the US.
  5. JBrunner's Avatar
    Hi Anna,

    You will get a lot more help and visibility if you post in the main forums. Welcome to APUG!
  6. ford prefect's Avatar
    it's always nice to see a youngin joining the ranks
    Adorama.co has ilfostop for around $7+ship
    check them out and freestylephoto.biz freestyle doesnt have ilfostop but they have an asortment of chems paper and film good luck and keep shootin and to agree with those above posting in the forums get way better response
  7. youngphotofreak94's Avatar
    thanks a lot again!
    btw i am in maplewood
  8. 2F/2F's Avatar
    Get a textbook, and read it.
  9. youngphotofreak94's Avatar
    wats tht supposed to mean??
  10. singram's Avatar
    Try this book "Black and White Photography A Basic Manual" Third Edition, Revised by Henry Hornenstein.

    It is available at Amazon.com for less than $20 new, and cheaper used. It is the best intro to photo book I have ever seen for the price. There are more expensive books out there, but this book will give you everything you need to help get you started. It covers everything from camera controls to printing and developing film.

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