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    Lens Vintage and Shutter CLA

    I'm new to this so please be patient.

    I picked up a cased hardwood folding camera and tripod at a local auction. It's a nice kit with wooden dark slides and even what looks like an original black silk darkcloth. Bellows are good and light tight. The camera looks almost new. Suspect it is 1890s or thereabouts.

    I'd like to get the kit working

    The lens is mint, clear and brass with original lacquer, it is engraved:
    Cooke Lens, H D Taylor's Patent, Series III, 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches, Eq. Focus 7.5 inches

    On the underside:
    Taylor Taylor and Hobson
    Leicester and London
    No 6771

    The shutter is marked:
    Bausch and Lomb Opt Co Pat. Jan 6 91

    The shutter is pneumatic kind. When I got it the shutters were shut and would not open, then I cocked and triggered it a few times and they opened, but have not re-closed (no it's not set to B or such like.)

    A few questions:
    - Can anyone service this shutter?
    - The bulb is missing - where can I get one?
    - Can I use film?
    - where can I get film - and do I need to adjust for using film "depth" versus ground glass?
    - is this lens any good? What's its value 2nd hand?
    - age of lens?

    (I normally use Ebony 4x5)



    Can post images if required.
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