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    1936 Voightlander & close up lens

    I was able to acquire a set of +1,+2,+3 close up Ednalite lens and a Series 6 Kodak holder for the old Bessa RF. Then after a trip to my camera shop guy, I have red,yellow,green filters for same. Now I am trying to decipher the instructions that came with these close up lens. Sooooo.... maybe someone here has had prior experience working with these???
    My plans are to use this setup in a Portrait Photography class next semester at the University where I have my choice of film or d****. Along with the Bessa, I'll use a Zeiss Ikonta 521/16 6X6 and a Leica M3.
    Film choice seems to go from Ilford Pan F 50 & Delta 100 for B&W. I am running a roll of FP4+ 125 now. For color I have Portra NC & VC 160.
    Thanks for any tips, suggestions and comments.
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