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Thread: My "new" scores

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    My "new" scores

    This has been a fruitful few days for me! Phew!

    Here is what I have acquired:

    1. Mamiya RB Pro S two body kit. Five backs (all with adapters), six lenses. Two WLFs, one Prism with case. Two 90mm lenses, two 127mm lenses, one 150mm soft focus lens with three cased inserts, one 180mm lens. Three Mamiya bellows lens hoods. Various rubber hoods. All seems to be in user condition, but all works, and will look better with some cleaning up.

    2. Nikon F, silver, 105mm f/2.5, Vivitar Series 1 telephoto zoom (was it a 70-200?). Cosmetically thrashed, but seems 100% working (not tested for shutter bounce yet), and has the very early Photomic head that has the incident light meter (best in-camera meter ever made, IMHO).

    3. Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP, 35mm f/2.0 Super Takumar. Cosmetically thrashed, but 100% working (not tested for shutter bounce).

    4. Yashica 124 (followed by some letter, perhaps a G), with case, apparently working.

    All of the above for $500 from a crazy photo studio owner for whom my friend works.

    Plus, a chance acquisition at a pawn shop today: Black Nikon F Photomic (FTN, I believe), minor brassing on an otherwise very nice body. Works perfectly, but not tested with film for shutter bounce yet. $140 plus tax. That is a fairly decent price for a silver one, so I feel lucky. It is my first black Nikon of any model. I have always wanted one, but they have never come my way.

    I am thinking of selling all the RB lenses except for the 150 f/4 SF, and perhaps one of the bodies, as I already have an RZ with a 110 lens, plus the 150, which kind of makes the 90 and the 127 unnecessary FLs to have. What I really want for the RB is the 75mm shift lens and a 6x8 back. I also would rather have a 250 than the 180 (both because I like it better, and because I have the 150 anyhow).

    Did not intend to get this stuff, but it just sort of came up for a decent deal. How do you think I did?

    "Truth and love are my law and worship. Form and conscience are my manifestation and guide. Nature and peace are my shelter and companions. Order is my attitude. Beauty and perfection are my attack."

    - Rob Tyner (1944 - 1991)

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    Looks like opportunity knocked, and you let it in!! Congrats on the score. Hang on to the RB kit long enough to figure out what you really want to keep from it, then sell off the unwanted. As for the 124G, my birthday is right around the corner, and it would make a dandy present(chuckle-snort). Have fun with your new toys.




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