I was given several processing drums, and they have just sat. I do plan on using them some day, but no time soon. Anyone who can make use of them right now is welcome to come on over and take them until I decide I need them again. I am in the Pasadena/NELA area.

They are designed for motorized bases. All are rather large in diameter (6-8 inches estimate), except for the one Cibachrome drum, which is perhaps 4-5 inches.

I have:

Two no-name drums. I estimate that they are for 20x24s. (Since I have two of these, if you want to keep one permanently, I would take some sort of trade for something useful.)

One Cibachrome Mk. II. drum for up to 16x20 (I think).

One Simma-Color ("Sine Wave Agitation") approx. 20 inches long

One Simma-Color approx. 12 inches long.

Drop me a PM if interested. They need to be cleaned, but should work fine if you have a roller base to spin them.