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    Quote Originally Posted by lxdude View Post
    And the original post said it was only 109 F. Imagine if it had been hot!

    The Lower Sonoran is hard to believe in its climatic extremes, and yeah, it really is dangerous and shouldn't be taken lightly. Having enough water will get you through most things safely, but it's hard to appreciate just how much "enough" means on a day like that.

    As it happens, I was just going through scans from this trip when you guys zombified this thread. What the heck---here are a couple more quick-and-dirty neg scans (from the Rolleiflex, on Efke 25 at 50, developed in HC-110). Obviously they're unspotted---in the case of the dunescape, I kind of like the effect.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Scan-130221-0012scaled.jpg   Scan-130221-0002scaled.jpg  
    Nathan Tenny
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    I wandered around Dry Falls (central Washington) with my 8x10 in some fairly hot weather...over 105F, but don't know exactly how much over. Started early in the morning and did the only uphill part early in the day.

    When the weather is that hot, one does not have to worry too much about the rattlesnakes -- or other people. But I finished up by 1 or 2 pm as not to over-due it. I headed into town for lunch in a cool (temperature-wise) cafe, did some exploration by car up towards Grand Coulee Dam, and returned near sunset.

    The first image is of some branches of a dead tree with the falls behind (dry, of course). The second was up on Umatilla Rock, the highest point, elevation-wise, of my day.

    Branches, Dry Falls, WA
    scanned 4x10 carbon print

    Umatilla Rock, Dry Falls, WA
    scanned 8x10 silver gelatin contact print, I think -- may have been a negative scan
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DryFallsBranches.jpg   Umatill Rock.jpg  
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    At least with LF landscape, a bad day of photography can still be a good day of exercise.

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