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    Anybody got space for a working commercial E6 lab on the Central Coast?

    One of the last (if not the last) E6 labs between the Bay Area and Santa Barbara has lost its lease. He's had a back of a retail-store operation for some years and the storefront is moving to a mall (no wet lab anymore)

    E6 Owner/Operator is looking for a new home for his gear. He's personally been running this lab (this processor) in a variety of locations for 15 years and I've used his services from the beginning (exclusively for the past 2-1/2 years). I believe he'd prefer to relocate and continue his operation if possible, but time is short as the move happens end of Oct. The lab needs only 230VAC service and water. I'm estimating the footprint needed at 20'x10'. He's actively shopping for a buyer as well. It's a complete turnkey wet lab including:

    JOBO/Technolab Delta Compact 80/40 film processor and 7 tank chemical replenishment unit with appropriate connecting hoses. This processor is completely computer controlled for maximum reliability and ease of operation. It is capable of push/pull processing from -1 to +3 in 1/8 stop increments. Includes: 24 - 35mm/120 film racks with 52 - 35mm spools, 28 - 120 top clips, 10 - 220 spools, 48 - 35mm/220 bottom clips, 32 - 120 bottom clips, 10 - 4x5 film racks, 1- 5x7 film rack, 4 - 8x10 film racks, 28 rack reference magnets, various parts and operation manuals.

    Water control panel: Hass Intellifaucet temperature control mixing valve with AC power adapter and mounting bracket, hot and cold water filtration and appropriate connectors.

    48” x 32” darkroom sink with stand.

    Delta1 15 gal. chemical mixing tank.

    Kodak Process E-6 hydrometer sets

    Dual gauge gas regulator with hose.

    That's just a partial listing. If anyone has the space to offer to keep this lab going, or is interested in buying a turn-key operation sans retail location, please email me
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