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Thread: Silverprint UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan doyle View Post
    well soren,good for you spend big cos london business rates are massive and i believe with the pound being a shrunken currency maybe it is the perfect time to help are mr brown and his balance of payments problems.
    i do not think i was suggesting silverprint should go the way of kodachrome,just pointing out an attitude problem.
    also i believe a shop near King's Cross get rodinal from silverprint,so in a way they will still get my money.
    i am glad i have done my little bit for the love in but i am sure martin would prefer all of your photographic business rather than just the kind words.
    talk is cheap rates i believe are expensive....

    i am sorry for being a poor moron,maybe you can send me a pm about how to go about being a happy go lucky rich office bound accountant.
    You know what I find scary about this?

    That a shop near King's Cross couldn't find a better shill than you...
    Another day goes under; a little bourbon will take the strain...

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    [QUOTE=alan doyle;821707][QUOTE=K. ....i am a little stupid but i believe in finance it is called the bottom line.
    so let my couple of neg/pos comments spur you on to give silverprint 2009-2010,the best financials ever.[/QUOTE]

    Will do - I spent nearly £200 with them two days ago

    neil souch

    The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.



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    mr walls,
    i will put that your comments about me being a shill down to heat stroke.
    stick your red head in some iced water,6 mins stand development.

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    Mr Doyle,

    as a customer like yourself, I have noticed too that Silverprint is a quirky place.

    Where else do you find such a assortment of goods, efforts in sourcing materials and advice which you cannot find in the manuals?

    If they were after your money properly, they would be bankers or Warren Buffet type people.
    Yes they love what they do, but also have to be profitable in order to be here and offer their services in a difficult market.

    So rather than wish their demise, which you seem to imply with your reference, in extremely bad taste, to Kodachrome and Tech Pan; we should rejoice that people like Silverprint exist (2 miles from your home!), and give them all the support they deserve.

    Many years ago, I was part of a commercial team. The vast majority of our customers were reasonable,pleasant people, interested in getting on with what they did best. They appreciated our services and advice.

    Very rarely we had an unjustifibly difficult, unpleasant , even rude customers.
    After exhausting all possible avenues to satisfy their requirements, we put in action our "merry go round" policy. This consisted in the customer facing a difference member of staff at every visit. Politeness was de rigueur, and the advice good and to the point; exept that the point was continuously on the move.
    Eventually, having suggested that the clients should avail themselves of services from establishments with more charm than ours, they dropped off like bad fruit, as they should.

    You have no idea how good this was for the staff morale, not to speak of the profitability of the business.

    Rather than crowd the airwaves here, make images and use your Rodinal before it goes off.

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    Silverprint are ace and the counter staff really cool and nice, always, Martin Reed should be knighted and his book Spirits of salts (with Randall Webb) is invaluable and f***ing brilliant!

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