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    Thanks for the info, Dave. I was wondering what was going on too. It's a shame. I liked the mag, the BoF book and the calendar.

    Halak 41

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    Quote Originally Posted by pentaxuser View Post
    Dave and others interested. I have just finished talking to Mike Radcliffe who is the contact mentioned on the website. You are essentially right but Mike Radcliffe says that Darkroom and Digital Supplies intend to develop the website and the mail order business, including credit card arrangements. While some of the stock list and prices is the result of the Arem demise, he intends to maintain prices around the ballpark od prices listed and believes that mainstream B&W stuff such as Ilford will provide a viable business. So the sale isn't a one-off but will be on-going

    I was impressed by him and his intentions and I mentioned APUG which he had never heard of but whose site he will now look at.

    I think this will reinforce his belief that there is a place for another photo supplies company dealing directly with the public.

    For those interested the website can be found via the Internet Explorer search bar. This site is regularly updated with current stock and anyone wanting to order should e-mail or ring and he will ensure that the stock required is put to one side and sent on receipt of a cheque. If it has already been sold in the meantime he will contact you by return. He had a large order from a college on Ilford Pearl and Glossy-not surprising at these prices - hence his low stocks of RC glossy and zero of RC Pearl.

    Presumably in the near future as effort is made to develop the site then googling it will also work.

    I hope we have a phoenix rising from the Arem ashes.

    I exchanged emails with Roger Maile at the end of November regarding their demise, and he was optimistic that the mail-order side of things could be made to work. I just noticed that they now have an eBay shop up and running at the link below:


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