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    Dear Keith,

    One other point is that it's MUCH easier to compare than to test -- and most magazine pieces (including the ones you quote) are comparisons, not tests. Nor are journalists always outstandingly good experimentalists: I've lost count of the number of times I've seen unstated assumptions, unsupported assertions and changes in mid-test to what is actually being measured.

    To a certain extent, as I said in my previous post, even objective testing has an element of comparison in it, especialy with microdensitometers, but most scientists will state their parameters and test conditions. Journalists do not always do this.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Tapscott. View Post
    This particular issue was probably around the early 1990`s. I was hoping that someone might know the exact month/year of the issue as I was going to see if I could buy this "back-issue". Paterson Aculux and Acutol came out well if I remember right, but this was before FX39 was introduced.
    I remember these tests, I looked over them for ages when I was first starting out, they did one for b&w films also. Fuji Neopan for me and Perceptol! Unfortunately I recently binned all my old editions when I moved house again. But between 1989 - 1992 I believe.

    They only did 3 tests like this including colour trannie film, so you could email them, they shouldn't be hard to track down. I doubt they are still available as back issues though.

    FeeBay had complete editions of the magazines, so you might be lucky one day.

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