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    Maybe I could just tidy up some loose ends here without mortally offending anyone.

    Do I have an over-inflated opinion of myself? Some individuals here may think so, I personally think that as a qualified and experienced professional, I am entitled to feel confident in my photographic abilities. Like any other professional, I have subjected myself to a ruthless analysis of where my strengths and weaknesses lie and act on the basis of this. In all my postings to APUG, for example, I have never made any pronouncement on any area in which I don't know what I am talking about - as regards photochemistry, for example, I state openly that I have used D76/ID-11 almost exclusively and know very little about the more exotic brews on which some other APUGers are experts. In the case, for example, of lith printing and toning, I have some basic knowledge but very little in comparison with someone like Tim Rudman, who is an acknowledged world authority in this area.

    The OP on this thread wanted to know about the value of RPS membership and distinctions - I think a balanced picture has emerged, the distinction panel members have solid technical understanding and profound experience of the pictorial tradition as practised in camera clubs. With few exceptions, they are not professionals and do not claim to be. I feel the views expressed on this thread will help people to make up their own minds concerning the value of the RPS. My personal needs and interests are met by talking to working pros rather than RPS stalwarts, of whom I have much wider experience than Tim might think. These people are held in high esteem, obviously, by the RPS membership, the point I was making was that their take on photography is not the only one (and professional photography means much more than mere commercial prostitution).

    I have a long mental catalogue of the names of individuals and the (to me) shocking way in which their pronouncements revealed severe ignorance of large areas of photography - in the interests of civility, I have refrained from naming names and will attempt to continue to do so. Suffice it to say this - someone recently on APUG posted the URL of a joke website on which the crass and petty comments of camera-club judges were imagined on iconic photographs submitted anonymously to a club competition. This was very funny - sadly, the selfsame thing happens all too often in real life.



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    Hi there delphine, just a couple of things, first google "PAGB" (Photographic aliance of Great Britain) there are about about 500 clubs in this lot, bound to be one near you; second yes you can form a group, 10 years ago I formed a group called "Crown Monochrome" (named after the pub we used to meet in), we are a bunch of dedicated mono workers, most of us still doing it in the dark, we meet once a month with some members traveling quite a distance to be there, meetings average attendance 30/40, go ahead and try it.

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    new analogue imaging group within RPS

    I have been asked by the RPS to get a new special interest group off the ground for the RPS

    For details see


    Members and non-members welcome to the first meeting!

    Dave Healey

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