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    In Focus..

    I did get to the exhibition, most of the APUG crowd didn't appear that interested in meeting up. So I guess I decided not to push it further.

    I enjoyed it. No, it was not as good as last year - or the year before (come to that).

    Thank God for the Linhof studio stand. At least they were still flying the analogue flag - and very well too. I enjoyed meeting David Ward, Eddie Ephraums and Charlie Waite - thanks to them all for signing the book for me too.

    Thanks to Simon and crew on the Harmen/Ilford stand - nice shirts - sorry about the daft questions from yours truly.

    I came away with two cheap bricks of film, two shirts and aching feet.

    I will still go again.


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    I went up on the sunday, would have enjoyed an APUG meet but i hadn't seen this thread, and anyway only arrived aroun 1pm. met up with two friends from Devon, bumped into another unexpectedly, met Simon on the Ilford-Harman stand. I left one polo shirt and two rolls of outdated 35mm film heavier.

    Yeh, the majority was digi but that's the way of the world these days. Last year, Siderotype.com had a stand. David Noble was there this year also, but didn't have as good a stand as last year. Fujifilm was promoting film but wasn't selling it. Travel Photography of the Year seminar was interesting.

    So yeh, there wasn't much for me there, but it was a nice day out, though i wouldn't have travelled much further for it.

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