Hi everyone. I have now sold just about all my darkroom equipment. However I still have these unused excellent SECOL archival negative files for sale. If anyone is interested please make me an offer. It seems a pity to throw them away. I can also put them on ebay if you prefer, where I have a 100% record.

Secol archival transparent pockets - hanging filing system
50 sheets, each with 4 pockets measuring 15x10 cms Unused
20 sheets, each with 20 pockets measuring 6x5.4 cms (35mm sliides) Unused
90 sheets, each with 12 pockets measuring 7.6x7.3 cms (6x6 slides) Unused
36 sheets, each with 7 pockets measuring 22x4 cms (35mm film) Unused

Thanks for your interest.