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    model release forms

    just thought il let you know about my experience, i took a photo of a bride whos hair and makeup i did for my portfolio, and asked if i can upload it to my website, she said sure off course you can but make sure you send me copies, (verbal permission), it was a stunning pic and i got a lot of further clients because of tht one pic, i always got models release forms signed before hand from models at photoshoots but never thought of getting it signed by a real client and who takes model release forms to a brides home at 6am! in the morning lol.... i displayed her pic on my website on the front page, you can have a look at my website and see how other brides pics are displayed, there was nothing wrong with it, it got many compliments https://www.rizkhan.co.uk
    now after i had sent a cd containing her wedding pics free of charge to her i got a phonecall from her husband saying he wanted the images removed from my website asap, and im not allowed to use her images...now how unfair is that, no explaination was given, i said your wife gave permission and he said well she didnt asked me blah blah, and the fact that she then said yes please remove my images really annoyed me especially since i had given copies to them of beautiful edited pics, and for all you photographers out there you know how long these images take to blur out certain aspects and enhance certain small areas in adobe photoshop and the fact that the bride gave me permission and then only said no after i had given her copies of the images , and i saw she had uploaded them to facebook but i wasnt allowed to use them really annoyed me so even though i my clients happiness is usually my main priority i thought i was being made a mug of, she tricked me to get free pics from me
    so i got pretty annoyed and the husband threatened to take me to court, when i contacted a lawyer he said this about the whole situation
    something to do with copyright law and the fact that even though the image was my property because i didn't have written consent i cudnt use the image if the subject in the image was clearly recognized and did not want the image used there wasn't anything i could do, apart from contest it in court
    so i gave up and removed the image, n in the process made my potential brides question about my creditability when they asked wheres your main bridal image is gone
    hope al this helps...
    and also paparazzi always get challenged and many people have won against paps and paps cudnt use the images, it depends on how much money u want to spend in court
    so best to always get a release form, i now have a file of release forms in my kit and so wil never have the same problem again
    from jealous over protective partners, its a only a signature takes 2 mins has saved me from alot of hassle when i had another situation like that where a models boyfriend didnt want her modelling again and asked me to remove her images, i said know i have a release form and that was the end of that!

    hope all ths helps btw i just realised this post was in 2009 lol you prob got your answer by now oops nevermind it may help someone else out there so will post it anyway now, its 5am now, so sorry for any errors i made in my spelling, phrasing or grammar im half asleep..lol
    how did your photography go? you got a website where i can view your work? x

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    Court is the new lottery, and a camera prints too many potential winning tickets. And you have to go in and sit with a whole bunch of people you don't want to know, just to keep from being railroaded into paying an imaginary sum of funds with no backing of precious metals, all because of an innocent trip of the shutter. The moral is to shoot your street scenes at a very small f/stop and a very long shutter speed.

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