Cyanotypes workshop with Peter Moseley

Date: Sunday 11th December, 2-5:30 pm
Cost: £45 including materials
Max number of participants: 6

The Cyanotype workshop will cover the essential steps in creating beautiful blue images with photographic artist, Peter Moseley. He will teach methods of mixing solutions, coating paper, exposure, creating negatives and developing prints. Participants can submit a negative prior to the session, so Peter may prepare the acetate version required to produce their own personal cyanotype print.
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The cyanotype process is known for it’s extremely vibrant colour ‘Prussian Blue’, however the final image can be ‘toned’ to a softer blue, or purple, grey or brown image, depending on the photographer’s tastes.

Suitable for beginners; no previous photographic experience required.

The Camera Club
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London SE11 4DS
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