Date: Wednesday, 18th January 2012, 19.00 – 21.00
Cost: £30 including materials
Maximum number of participants: 8

The chemigram is at the intersection of both painting and photography and is an experimental visual art medium using light sensitive materials. During this practical workshop, photographic artist, Judith Lyons, will provide an insightful introduction into the art and practice of making Chemigrams. Photographic paper and chemistry will be used, together with readily available household materials, to produce unique and often colourful camera-less images.
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Chemigrams challenge the assumption that a camera is necessary to make a photograph, as no darkroom is necessary to make these wonderful images, the techniques learnt during the workshop can easily be practiced, experimented with and developed at home.

Suitable for beginners; no previous photographic experience required.

The Camera Club
16 Bowden Street
London SE11 4DS
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