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Another good show, though Sunday was quiet for much of the afternoon. The auction total for the 100 items was over $10k. Big sellars at our table were brass lenses and wooden cameras sold to folks doing wet plate and old-lens photography. Nice to see the students from Boston Art Institute and New England School of Photography out and about. Spent a lot of time talking to Max, of MDXphoto.org - thought I'd give him a shout out. Young, enthusiastic, curious and talented, he was a bright spot in a room full of dinosaurs like me. In the end, I bought a few small bargains and sold stuff cheap to get my studio cleared out (well, sort of cleared out... it's all relative). Sorry not to see more APUGgers there, but there's always the Beach Party (June 22 this year- see separate thread).
Sorry I missed it! As it turned out, in now sick, most likely from being up so late that night so I'm glad I didn't stay for the event but glad it was a success!


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