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    Photographica's 65th Photographic Show and Sale

    The Photographic Historical Society of New England has announced their semi-annual Photographica show Saturday, April 29 from 9 to 5 and Sunday, April 30 from 9 to 4.

    The location is the same as last fall - Armenian Cultural and Educational Center, 47 Nicholas Street, Watertown, MA. Tables are available please call John Dockery at 781-592-2553. Lots of used and new camera equipment for sale and a great way to meet others interested in photography.

    I have my name on the volunteer list for the event, so there will probably be someone from APUG there.

    "The Photographic Historical Society of New England (PHSNE) is an active society, promoting knowledge of photographic history and its heritage through a wide range of exciting educational programs. PHSNE, a nonprofit tax-exempt society founded in 1973, is the largest of the forty regional photographic historical societies in the world. Members reside throughout the United States, Canada, and the world."

    For more information and directions on the web -- http://phsne.org

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