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    Springfield is kinda in the place Lowell was. And I hope that the powers that be actually talk to some of us artists this time instead of ignoring us like they did in the early 80's and mid-90's.
    A funny thing happened after ZONE Art Center folded in 1995, a group of civic leaders put together a commission on the arts to help the city's image. A couple of former ZONE-ites were there for some of the meetings.
    The leaders of the commission said "We need a place that does this sort of art thing." The former ZONE-ites said "You had it - it was called ZONE!"
    The commission "Well we need another space that does this..."
    Response form the ZONE-ites "You had it - it was called ZONE!"
    The commission said "Well then, we need..."
    ZONE-ites "You had it - it was called ZONE!"
    This went on a couple more times with the same response from the ZONE-ites. Well can ya guess how much the commission learned from this and tried to get back what they once lost???
    Nada... Nil...Zilch... Nuttin... ZZZZZZZeeeeeerrrrroooooooooo!
    I hope history doesn't repeat itself, 'cause I don't want to be around a second time to close the doors on another wonderful arts organization!!
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    gene LaFord

    Long live Ed "Big Daddy" Roth!!
    "I don't care about Milwaukee or Chicago." - Yvon LeBlanc

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