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    Photographic Moving "Sale" LOTS has to go!

    OK, New England, I'm in Florence Mass, 01062 (right next to Northampton). My family and I are relocating, husband's job, likely to Colorado it would seem. I was a professional photographer and my eyes are aging badly. I gradually worked down to fewer and fewer hours behind the lens till I finally stopped working for hire at all. I save my eyes now for my own photographic needs and I have tons of equipment that I really should not move with me when I head elsewhere for the next chapter in my life. Some of these things are so large they would be hard to handle via ebay/shipping and in general I would just rather sell them to apugers and know that they were getting a good new home as opposed to being resold by some used equipment dealer. Email me if you have interest, I am preparing for a move and while I will try to keep an eye on this thread I cannot make any promises right now so here is my email address. lbiddulph@gmail.com If there is multiple interest in the same items I will go by whomever contacted me & committed to purchase first. Please make fair and reasonable offers, I can provide photos as needed. Everything is in great shape, full working order and has been well cared for.

    Here is just a small list of the kinds of stuff I have:
    8x10 Polaroid back, tray & processor (did dye transfers w/ this, works great)
    8x10 Daylab base for printing from slides onto Polaroid w/ a Daylab
    Polaroid back (pack film style) for mamiya 645 AF
    Beseler Color head Enlarger - works great for color and B&W as well as printing from slides onto Polaroid film for transfers and emulsion lifts
    Wista 45D, metal body 4 x 5 field camera (Complete System, lens, film holders, drape, focus loop, changing tent, manual, bag... everything)
    Fuji GA 645zi - so fun, it is the vacation camera for the medium format junkie!
    large Tamarac Pro camera bag
    Jobo AutoLab ALT-1500 Film & Print Processor w/ tanks & reels
    Beseler 45 enlarger
    neg carriers (no glass ones)
    lens & boards, contrast filters... the whole 9 yards
    20 x 24 print processing trays and a few smallers ones too
    paper safe - nice 3 drawer
    easels (bladed and speed types)
    swing arm paper cutter
    5 ft darkroom sink with 2 goose neck lab faucets
    Thomas safelight and extra bulb
    darkroom vent, light tight louvers
    grain focuser - tall metal type not the cheap plastic one
    gralab timers
    Seal Compress 110S 11x14 dry mounting press & tacking iron
    Tons of framing supplies - some metal sectional frames in clean contemporary styles and fairly standard sizes, hardware, framing tools etc
    Large & medium sized frames (studio samples) ready for reused are complete with - glass, mats, frame & hardware

    Thanks for looking and let me know if you are interested in any of these great items.


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    Sounds interesting, but this really belongs in the classifieds section, which you have access to as a subscriber. I'll leave it up temporarily so that you can cut and paste it into the classifieds section.
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