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    I wish I could have made it to the conference, heck I was probably on campus that week for my day job. Anyway with all of the digital over film hoopla, how about an intro to LF class for people who shoot landscapes? The whole film vs. digital argument in terms of rendering aside I think that some landscape photographers might be interested in exploring some of the very (relatively) low cost ways to get some big time resolution. You can sure buy a lot of 4X5 film and processing for the price of a MF digital back...

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    Interesting thread. I belong to an active photography group, not a club, we rarely bring prints in for judging. We primarily get together for shooting and holding classes. In the past year, a number of us large format shooters formed a subset group for film shooting.

    We recently held a black and white darkroom workshop with Bill LaPete.

    This past weekend there were two or three film people and ten plus digital folks. The film people went off together and digital went off in their own group. I had my Zone VI with me and I got some chuckles from the digital folks. In November we're doing a film event at Harvard University, at least two large format people will be there :-D

    The lab I use for my processing tells me they're seeing a lot of large format black and white coming in. It made me very happy to hear that.

    I apologize for going slightly off topic.
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