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Thread: Bus trip to NYC

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    Bus trip to NYC

    Hey folks, the Valley Photo Center is sponsoring a bus trip to NYC to the PhotoPlus event. Here is the pertinent info:

    Bus Trip to New York Deadline Extended

    It's not too late, but what are you waiting for?!

    Let's see- fall color, gorgeous light, interesting scenery, perfect temperature....

    Right now, New York has it all! Come spend the day with us as we head into the "Big Apple" on Saturday October 25. This trip is open to everyone who wants an easy way to get to NYC for a day. The bus will drop people off in Times Square, then head on to the Jacob Javits Center for the Photo Plus Expo.

    The bus will leave the Springfield area at 6:45 am, make a stop at Times Square to drop people off for sightseeing, and arrive at the Javits Center approximately 9:45am. The expo opens at 10:00am. Feel free to attend the expo or spend the day sight seeing, shopping, or museum hopping in the city.

    The bus will leave NY at 6:00 pm from the Javits Center only with an expected return time to Springfield at approximately 9:00pm. You can register for the Photo Show on-line at www.photoplusexpo.com Cost for the bus trip is $45.00. Seating is limited to the first 47 people. Send in your payment to Valley Photo Center, 1500 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01115 or stop by the gallery during exhibit hours to make payment and reserve your place(s) on the bus. Please include the names of all the passengers and a contact email address with your payment.

    For more information, email Dave@IAFPhoto.com. Reservation deadline for the bus trip is October 21. So tell your friends and neighbors. This trip is open to everyone.

    Don't hesitate, register now!
    gene LaFord

    Long live Ed "Big Daddy" Roth!!
    "I don't care about Milwaukee or Chicago." - Yvon LeBlanc

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    Wow, I guess I'll be seeing some APUGers there. I'm going to take the train in, as I'm not far.



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