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    Les Campbell at the New Haven Camera Club

    Hi Folks,

    I have been meaning to post this, but haven't found a long enough continuous period of time to do it until now (there's no 'save draft' feature here).

    Last week I went to the local camera club event expecting to be snored with another digital presentation. Well, to my great surprise, Les Campbell shoots ONLY slide film! He's not a professional photographer, but a hobbysts as he states and has been shooting slides for 40+ years. His presentation was on two of his favourite shooting locations - Mohonk, NY and the Quabbin Reservoir, MA. Les worked at the Quabbin Reservoir. Papagene, I think I've found you a soul mate!

    So his slide set up was quite elaborate - two projectors fading in and out in unison to ... well ... to muzak - you know, the elevator kind heard only in aging Vegas lounges? ... and poetry. Yes ... the poetry. Sure it was a bit corny and I did squirm a bit during the show but that's just me. Generationally, let's just say I have different tastes and leave it at that. Les has created slide show set ups with up to 20 projectors simultaneously. I would haved liked to see that in action.

    BTW Les' slide film of choice is Kodak. He said he finds the Fuji film 'too green' for his liking. Interesting as most of his subjects include plants and trees. Regardless, I smiled as I love Kodak slide films too.

    As for the contents of the presentation, Les started by giving a background on the two places before the slide show. It was actually interesting to see images of the Quabbin area before the flooding. Les' images were of trees, rocks, flowers, no animals that I recall, very young pretty girls on a large rock or next to a tree, sunsets, landscapes, that sort of thing. Many of them were very beautifully composed.

    It was really great to see another person shooting film - slides even - at a camera club event. Les has a studio in Belchertown, MA which is open to visitors. Here's his contact info I googled from the web (he has no website):
    Les Campbell / Sky Meadow Studio
    Ph: (413) 323-7405

    Les Campbell, renown for his nature subjects and Quabbin Park scenes, invites you to visit his Photo Gallery at Sky Meadow Studio. You'll find it filled with framed photographs - treasures for your home or office and for gift giving. The Studio is also available for small group functions, workshops, slideshows, retreats and outings. If you are interested in individual or group portraits with a natural backdrop, you'll find a perfect setting in and around Les' Sky Meadow homestead. And, you'd be hard pressed to find a better tour guide for a trip to Quabbin Park.

    Conveniently located of Route 9 (1/2 mile east of the Belchertown entrance to Winsor Dam)

    Wednesdays 1-7 PM (June through mid-October)
    Sundays 1-4 PM (April, May and mid-October to Christmas)
    Other times, by appointment.
    It seems like an interesting place to check out.

    In talking with Les after his show, he was intrigued when I told him about APUG, but he's not really the computer type, so he knew nothing of it. His assistant, who was also there, does all the computer stuff for him. It might be a good thing to invite him to a New England APUG gathering sometime or have a get together at his place? Just a thought. I told him he wasn't alone in the woods when it comes to film. He's a classy gentleman and you can tell he likes to teach and mentor. If he comes to your area, I highly recommend you go see his slide show.

    Regards, Art.
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    Hey Art
    Les is a very well know and much respected photographer up here in western Mass. We all consider him the "Dean" of Quabbin photographers. He is a classy gentleman, a giving teacher and all around great guy.
    Thanks for posting this!!

    gene LaFord

    Long live Ed "Big Daddy" Roth!!
    "I don't care about Milwaukee or Chicago." - Yvon LeBlanc

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    Yikes! I can hardly believe Les is going strong and still living in Belchertown. I saw a couple of his multi-projector slide shows in the 60s' or 70s' and they were quite something. IIRC those shows were associated with the New England Camera Club Council.

    Nate Potter, Austin TX. MA. and ME.



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