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    Several darkroom and photography related items for sale...

    I am going to be relocated to the west coast. The move is still some time off (probably summer or fall), but I am starting to think about all the stuff that I have which I do not want to move with me, some of which is large and is going to be difficult to ship. My hope is that I will be able to find homes for as much of it as possible where I can avoid packing and shipping, so my first step in this process is to ask if there is interest here in NE for any of the items - I am not looking to give the stuff away (although could be convinced to do so under the right circumstances), but prices will be reasonable. The things include:

    two Omega 600 enlargers with papersafes/easels built into the baseboards. Set up for 35mm but will accomodate MF.

    One Omega 600 enlarger with a standard baseboard.

    One Beseler 45MX with condenser head (not sure that I will be parting with this one)

    Seal 160 (I think) dry mount press - handles up to 11x14 in one pass, possibly larger, but not 16x20.

    Misc timers, measuring beakers, trays, etc.

    Lowepro phototreker backpack.

    35mm slide projectors.

    Some parts/components for an Ilford MG600 / Durst Multigraph enlarger (I bought two of these to get enough components to make one that worked, so I have some overlap).

    The stuff is in Maine, but I do travel down to Boston from time to time, so we may be able to arrange to meet somewhere convenient to both of us.

    If you are setting up a darkroom, or have a school or something where you could use some of this stuff, PM me and we can discuss. What I don't get rid of here will go to Craigslist next.

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    Mark this needs to go in the classifieds




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