Stephen Parker: To Print Parsifal-Beauty, Power, and Longing in Abstract Photography

Stephen Parker’s first major photography exhibit, called “To Print Parsifal: Beauty, Power and Longing in Abstract Photography” opens Friday, February 4 at the Vermont Center
for Photography in Brattleboro, Vermont. Parker’s black and white images explore ideas very suited to discovery via photography. He uses careful looking to see the relationship
between the outward physical form and our mind’s concept of it. His iconic photographs flatten and abstract form to show us what we cannot usually see because our idea of it
is what we see. Parker says in his artist statement, “These images are an invitation to participate in the human inclination to see, and to see something more in what they see.”
Parker invites the viewer to share his glimpse of the subject’s transcendent beauty and power.

Stephen will present an artists talk at the gallery on Feb 19 at 4:00 p.m.

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