I just recieved a postcard today reguarding the Annual Photo Flea Market in Huntsville, Alabama. It will be at the East Hall at the VBC on October 31 and November 1 (a saturday and sunday) from 10am-4pm both days. The VBC east Hall is on Monroe Street (700 Monroe Street to be exact).

They do charge admission. It's $5.25 per person unless you show one of the blue postcards they mailed out. If you have a postcard, it's $4.25. Also, if you come with a person with a card, you get in for $4.25. I know for sure I will be there on Saturday, probably showing up between 10:00 and 12:00. If anyone from APUG just happens to show up at the same time I do, I dont mind claiming you as my guest if you'd like the $1 discount

There's quite a few camera vendors there willing to buy, sell, and trade equipment. They do have digital stuff, but there's also a good bit of film equipment as well. If anyone is interested in coming, especially if you want enter with me for the discount, PM me or reply here to arrange something. Perhaps we can stop for lunch or dinner afterwards (unfortunately, you'll be responsible for paying for your own food. Hey, I'm planning on selling or trading a 35mm camera to fund a medium format camera. I barely have enough money for me )