-KwM- wrote:
The plan I'm working from now calls for a 8'x2.5' "sink". After further discussion with folks, some of it in PMs, I see almost equal merit in having a slightly sloped "wet counter" with the edges built up about an inch that drains off the right side into the Kreonite fiberglass sink (38"x71") I bought at about a 98% discount from Jeremy Moore.

I built my "L" shaped wet counter 14' long with a 1" edge. This was a mistake. 1" does not protect the floor from splashing, emptying a tray or running a hose. I would suggest at least 2"-3" edge. And I hadn't considered the amount of time my arms rest on the edge when working trays so I would do it over with as wide an edge as practical. I did get the slope right: 1/4" per foot. Also, before finishing the bed with 2 part epoxy I lay down three parallel half rounds about 6" apart the full length; this lets trays, washers, Jobo, set with a 1/2' clarence on the bottom for liquids to run without puddling up.

Good luck, it's a project of love.