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    Photo opportunities in Ike Country (Texas)

    Based on two trips to Galveston and Boliver peninsula, I found a lot of opportunity for documenting the damage and rebuilding after Ike.

    I took my Bessa R there with some XP2 but have not got it processed yet.

    Galveston Island, at least from 61st Street to the Ferry Landing, appears to be healing. There are sailboats near Offatt's Bayou on land still, with residential areas still devasted.

    The Seawall shows some scars, like the Flagship cutoff from land, and the Galvez repairing roof damage. But at least along the seawall, things look pretty good. The Strand appeared to be ok too.

    Boliver Peninsula is horrific in particular. Sections of the road to High Island are pot holed, so watch out. Gas is scarce. Heavy equipment is everywhere. Driving at night appears to be a bad idea.

    On Boliver near the water, I bet there is not 1 house in 40 that is habitable. Most houses are just gone. Cars are still overturned along the roadside ditches and in fields visible from the road. Some houses on canals are now in the canals, boats are strewn everywhere. Here and there people are sifting through rubble, and now and then a light is on in a house that has been roughly rehabilitated.

    I want to return with my MF and LF to do a better job.

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