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    Photo Engineer is coming to Montana. Ron Mowry's emulsion class

    Ron Mowry's emulsion coating class (Photo Engineer) is a confirmed class at Formulary's Workshop in Montana. Only a few spots available for this class on June 18-23. We have recieved the coating blades to be used for this and are they beautiful. This class will be one of a kind taught by a retired Kodak engineer on emulsion coating of film and paper. As all of you APUGER"S know Photo Engineer is a real asset to us all and the information you will take from this class will far surpass the costs involved. Plus you get the great benefit of Hanging out with Ron in Montana during one of the nicest times of the year here. See all of the info on this class and many others @ www.photoformulary.com. See you in June, don't miss this one.

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    I seem to remember getting something on this. As I recall, I had always thought PE was a curmudgonish retired Kodak engineer. I was a little surprised to find that he is actually a 20yr old fighter jock!
    That's just, like, my opinion, man...



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