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    Dec 2005

    New Product; Subbed Melenex Film Base

    We now have in stock a new product for all of you interested in coating your own films and or those that just like to experiment or play around.
    7Mil Subbed Estar Melenex Film Base. We have aquired a 50 inch wide roll. We will be selling in standard cut sizes listed below or will custom cut to your specs, or will sell a roll 50 inches wide by what ever length you want. This is the same material that Ron Mowry/Photo Engineer uses in his workshops to show/coat his film emulsions.

    9x15 10 sheets Cat#09-0420 $14.85
    9x15 25 sheets Cat#09-0430 $34.65

    12x18 10 sheet cat#09-0460 $27.00
    12x18 25 sheet cat#09-0470 $58.50

    We are offering the oversize sheets to allow for edge coating flaws and you can trim to fit your needs.
    With feed back from our customer base we will offer other standard sizes if demand warrants.
    All other sizes will be considered custom cut and packaged up to 50 inches wide. You can fiqure the cost of custom cut sizes @ .017 cents per square inch.
    This is a very hard to come by product and will be in limited quantities.
    The film is subbed on one side and we will corner clip upper right hand corner to distinguish subbed up side.
    So come and get it, as this may be a one time offering.
    Coming soon is more emulsion chemistry.
    See our website at www.photoformulary.com
    or call at 800-922-5255
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    Fort Smith, NT, Canada
    ULarge Format
    Hello Bud,

    This is indeed good news. You will get my order presently. Now, I am hoping for phthalated gelatin.


    ps I am not sure that your link works. Is it not http://www.photoformulary.com

    My apologies if this is incorrect.
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    Dec 2005

    The phthalated gelatin is on its way and will be available upon tech approval.
    The web site is www.photoformulary.com, sorry my mistake. We are changing servers this weekend so please bear with us if unable to access site.
    thanxs for pointing that out.




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