Wow! I didn't realize it has been 3 years since my last real visit here. I recognize a number of folks and of course there are about 20,000 new ones here since I was last contributing.

What's happened with me and The Darkroom Studios since 2005???

  • Sold 1st building
  • Moved entire store to 2nd building
  • Hired employees (a few great guys, very pro-film)
  • Went to Botswana, Africa for 2 months (awesome, gotta go back someday)
  • Fired employees (not enough customers, very poor 2008 economy)
  • Got married (1st for us both - age 32 - met on
  • Had a baby boy (Liam - he is now almost 6 whole weeks old)
  • Moved to Delaware (Dela-where? -- Wilmington, I went from a 30' commute to a 30 mile commute - bah humbug)
  • I think I have been in a constant state of building/demolition since early 2006

What is The Darkroom Studios now?

  • Rental Darkroom - Open to Public during regular store hours
  • 24/7 "Club Darkroom" - Open to monthly members (launching by Dec 1 2008 - I'm converting an apartment right now)
  • The f/stop - A coffee/refreshment/gathering place for photo folks (think APUG Live) -- launching sometime in December 2008
  • Rental Studio - approx. 13x25' space - fully equipped - rented hourly, daily, monthly
  • Retail Store - new film, paper, lighting, backdrops and such
  • eBay Store - mostly Used darkroom and film-based photography items (click my Sponsor link and you will go directly there)
  • Frame Shop - do-it-yourself or full-service custom framing
  • Education - I run some classes and also do private lessons for folks who so desire
  • Trips - I used to run a lot of trips, new wife, new house, new baby... I hope to get some trips back on the schedule in Spring 2009 :rolleyes:

I thank you for taking a moment to check out what I have to offer. At this point, it is just me working here AND doing most of the construction of the new spaces myself. This means I don't have a ton of time to cruise the forums and such as I have in the past. Once things settle down here, I hopefully can get back into the swing of things, maybe even go on a photo trip or two as well!

Brad Walker ~ Owner
The Darkroom Traditional & Digital Studios, LLC
27 North Centre Street
Merchantville, NJ 08109
eBay ID: photodarkroom