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Richard did you chose the Takumar for cost or other reason as Contax should have a stellar 50 f1.4?
Nah, it was just for fun. The 50/1.4 Takumar is so well-reputed I just wanted to try it, and it is indeed a fine performer, but really, what 50mm isn't? I also just love playing with lenses and the M-42 mount has a lot of wonderful, classic and CHEAP lenses. Now I can mount any and all on my Contax bodies. As for difference, nope, nothing significant. I do not own the 50/1.4 Planar anymore, like the 50/1.7 Planar just as much so I sold it. That said my favorite 50's are the 50/2 Nikkor-S for SLR and the 50/2 Summicron-DR for RF.

Makes me wonder, do they make M-42 to Nikon SLR adapters? If so the OP should get the M-42 version of the Tak' and ones of those adapters to mount on his Nikon.