So I just got a C-1 with only a 4x5 back I and want a 8x10. I have a WTB in APUG classified. Fooling around, I held one of my 2 different Horseman 8x10 backs up to the C-1. It fits right on it. There is no way to hold it on and it may need foam seals, but...

I could drill 4 holes in the Horseman back and mount it with bolts just like a C-1 uses. This would not totally ruin the back for use on it's usual standard, but would lower it's value.

The 2 Horseman 8x10's I have, have different rear standards that use different bellows and backs. Does anyone know which came first. I think it is all Cambo parts.

Has anyone done this?

If we need pics I will shoot some later.

Seems an old wood Ansco back could also be adapted with a few holes and foam seals.