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    Sep 2012
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    need help with vintage vivitar zoom lens

    Hello All, Please Excuse The "caps" Bad Vision. I Recently Acquired A
    Vivitar 75-260mm Zoom Telephoto Lens. It Has A Threaded Mount, And A
    Pentax Bayonet Adapter Ring. The Lens Is Auto Zoom And Has A Manual
    Mode Switch. I'm Using It With My Pentax K1000 Manual Body.

    I'm Sure There Are A Few Things I Should Know About This Combo
    That I May Not Be Able To Figure Out Myself, And Since Vivitar Was Unable
    To Offer Any Tech Support, I Thought Someone In The Forum Might Be Able
    To Give Me A Tutorial. Hopeful !!!

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    Jul 2012
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    I am not familiar with the lens but as you say it has a screw thread with a Pentax bayonet adapter this poses a couple of questions. Is it a 'pre-set' lens. That is one where you set the aperture then close the aperture ring down manually before you take the picture? Or the alternative is it will be an automatic stop down lens for screw threaded Pentax cameras.

    Here there may be a problem. The Screw thread Pentax lens uses a plunger pin to close the apperture down whereas the Bayonet lens uses a sideways motion with a lever action within the camera to close the apperture. I don't think they are able to be converted. Is it possible to take a picture of the lens and another of the back of the lens so we can see what it is like.

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    I have a version of this lens with an interchangeable mount system. Mine came with an Olympus OM adapter but it is obvious that other mounts can be used.

    The aperture ring can go to the right or to the left, depending on which mount you use.

    It is a large and heavy beast.

    Do you have a particular question about it?

    - Bill Lynch



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