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    You know, I should have fabricated my own washer to give me something bigger like yours. But it does what it's supposed to. The good thing is the springs on the second (parts) camera I have are stronger and should help on the 4x5.

    I'm working on a method to add a geared lensboard tilt mechanism. something that you can adjust more delicately. I'm first going to construct a "dummy" set-up to try first. If it works I'll pm you the design.
    Similar to what the agfa's have but adaptable (I think) to the Korona without
    taking the front standard assembly apart and simple hardware parts. All supposition at this point.

    I like bringing something back to life (so to speak), to continue it's use, wondering who has owned it over the years, what photographs they taken, where it's been.
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    "I invent nothing, I rediscover". Auguste Rodin

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    Pardon me for jumping into this thread, but I had to share my joy...I (finally!) finished my re-build of my Korona Pictorial View tonight. I'll be making lensboards tomorrow and shooting with it over the weekend (as long as the weather cooperates).

    This camera is destined to become my 8x10 enlarger, but it's been a blast restoring it and I'm looking forward to shooting with it a bit before I start up the enlarger project. It's not quite original as I got a good deal on some bellows that didn't quite match the original in size so I had to build an adaptor for the front standard, but with a lensboard in place noone will ever know.

    I'm amazed at how solid a camera of this age can be with a little TLC.
    Film is cheap. Opportunities are priceless.

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