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    arires fre camera

    Aries Viscount camera

    On an earlier thread I wrote about an Aries Viscount 35mm RF camera that had a stuck focusing mount..Using some lighter fluid I freed up the mount only to discover that while the ring moved neither the lens or rangefinder seemed coupled.. Knowing this was way out of my league, I would like to offer to give the camera free to anyone who would want to attempt the repair work.Thing is this camera is in beautiful condition cosmetically The shutter speeds and f/ stops all work. The rangefinder is clean , the lens an f/1.9 is clean and the body looks fine .The shutter cocks from the film advance lever and the shutter fires from the release button on the body.The problem lies in the coupling of the lens to the focusing mount and rangefinder coupling. Any one interested send me you address and I’ll ship it free to you. Seems a shame to waste a perfectly nice camera in the waste basket, which is where it would end up if I attempted to repair it … Bob Molson, Rmolson@neo.rr.com
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