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    Quote Originally Posted by cliveh View Post
    I don't understand electronics or what you describe, but are you saying with a lap top this could be done for about $10 with multiple flash guns?
    My parallel port solution might have been a good solution with a real parallel port (not USB a adapter) during the windows XP era, but forget it as I have just discovered it would be not as straightforward to implement with new windows.

    The good news it can be easily done with a Arduino Board Nano! The board cost less than $30 on mouser.com but you will have to add extra components (relays to protect your computer and a darlington transistor network chip to drive those relays). The final board would be less than $60.
    Any piece of software which can access to the serial ports can communicate with this arduino board so it is very easy to write a software as it does not require to implement special driver!
    I will have a close look this weekend and let you know.
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