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    polaroid 160 to 2 1/4 by 3 1/4

    I was reading your post about the 110a and thought I would chime in. I have been butchering cameras since I retired from my studio. I read the information at the land list site.. http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/landhome.htm
    On a lark I decided to get a polaroid 150 or 160 to see how they were made. The 160 caught my eye since it was only a buck plus shipping from ebay. When it arrived, I decided that the polaroid pack conversion wasn't for me. I don't really like polaroid. I do like medium format, so I pulled out a graflex roll film holder. The one I had laying about was for the deminative graflex. I little JB weld and just a bit of knitting yarn to fill the tiny gap on the edges and I was finished.

    The fact that the darn thing has EV exposiur and a funkly electronic flash terminal caused me just a bit of concern but I learned to adapt. I have several medium formats that have begun life with different lenses so wasn't really prepared for the surprise. The darn 'roid camera is by far the sharpest in my little collections of misfits. Just thought I would let you know how easy the conversion of the polaroid roll film cameras really is. Just be careful trimming the back and you get a pleasing body to.

    I also readjusted the infinity focus but I doubt that it was necessary on the 160 since the fstop is 8.8 but on the 110 it would be a good idea i expect.

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    Yeah, that's where I'm headed.

    Donald, I didn't realize (perhaps I read it and absorbed it subconsciously) you had posted about sawed-off plastic-body 'roids for a film back, but I did not throw away much of the several roids I gutted, and I'm glad. They have so many neat little mechanical parts I'm recycling them like crazy...springs, pivots, door locks, rangefinder and viewfinder, you name it.

    I really like the EV part of them becasue it lets you disregard the weird f/numbers, or establish a new reference if you alter the focal length...like putting a Telek or equivalent behind one (with a longer back in that case). I found out most of the rollfilm 'roids have the same door dimensions, so I can swap camera fronts on a box with a metal front plate cut to fit the back door seal dimensions. I found 95B, 150, 160 & 800 all have same back dimensions. I have a long box with 5x7 filmholder ready to swap dissected 'roids onto...I just haven't figured out yet how to make the bodies detachable. They are heavy and there isn't much of a lip on that door seal to attach hardware to. Epoxy would be fine, but ruin the body swap concept.

    One will be triplet + neg lens cell stretch to 210 mm and another will be bellows fron pinhole, if I can figure out a suitable mount.

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