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the bellows in my camera are pinholey--what is this source?
I received my new bellows for my 3A from Camera Bellows in England several months ago. Excellent job. Even the same color as the original. Since Camera Bellows were the original bellows manufacturer for many of the early Kodak folding cameras in Europe, I'm not surprised the quality was so good.

For those who aren't yet using their 3a for lack of rollfilm capability, don't forget a quick way to use it in the meantime is to just cut a sheet of film and tape it in. Ok, sure it's only a one-shot deal, but at least you'll be able see how sharp that so-called amateur lens is!

By the way 616 is just 70mm film. If you can still find 70mm (try Freestyle?), you could perhaps make a project of taping the film to opaque backing paper from developed 120 rolls, then rolling it unto DIY 616 spools made from wooden dowls and metals disks. Have fun.