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    2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Graflok Back fits on a Busch Pressman C

    I thought about it for about six months then after searching for as much information as I could stand I made the move. I have a mint Busch Pressman C with its original lens, range finder (Kalart) and obtained four new Grafmatic six septum type holders. I have a dozen new film holders also, got lucky and they were NIB. I have a roll film holder but couldn't use it until two days ago.

    I have a spring only back that came with the Busch camera. I had to put a pair of screws in it just to let out the springs so the Grafmatic holder would fit in like a sheet film holder. Then the shortage of sheet film in the 2x3 size got me thinking. What would it take...

    I measured the Busch back and the got the size of the 2x3 Graphic cameras and I learned that they were about the same size. I figured I would have to build an adapter plate to mate the back to the camera. I found a NIB Graflex Graflok Back and bought it.

    When it came I opened it up and layed it out, then I removed the back from the camera and layed it out. I put the Graflex back on the camera and it was such a close fit that if I were to modify the camera a little it would have fit on in a jiffy.

    I spent a couple of minutes looking at the camera and the two backs and as I was examining the backs I noticed that the screw holes in the attachment plates were the SAME. No kidding they were the same.

    I could take the Graflok locking sliders and the end stop off of the Graflex adapter and do the same with the Busch camera back plate, take off the springs and wooden spring blocks they were attached to and end stop piece of wood.

    I screwed the Graflok hardware to the Busch Pressman C back plate put in the ground glass and was done. It took very little time and I didn't come across any problems. Since I used the original camera back plate the bellows just screwed back on to it as normal.

    I still can't believe that the two plates have the same hole pattern. I was ready to make modifications to the back or camera but in the end it was one screw driver and very little work. Sometimes you just get lucky, this was one.


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    thanks for the info, curt. Does the back still rotate?



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