I picked up a 'quad camera' on a whim on ebay.
It had what appeared to be a large sized ilex shutter on it and 4 small lenses. Probably designed as an ID camera.
The camera as it turns out is a simple box camera with a divider in it. Unfortunately there was no back attached to it, but I can still turn the body into a pinhole camera I think.
And the big loss was the shutter. Instead of having a multi-bladed iris type it only had 4 blades that just covered the 4 holes for the lenses. So it looks like i cant use it for barrel lenses.

So... what in the world can i do with the shutter? I was thinking i could maybee fashion some proper shutter blades for it but ive never dissasembled a shutter down to the blades. its looking to be another one of my pipe dreams.
Any ideas?