I've been working on bringing my Sputnik Stereo camera up to snuff and I'm down to my last problem. I need your help!

The actual timing and shutter cock are in the right lens. The left is a slave.

I tested the left and right shutters at all speeds using my Calumet Shutter Tester. All speeds are an average of five actual results. Here is what I got:

Speed___Left___Right___Nominal + 1/6 - 1/6


Two big problems! First, and most important, the shutters don't appear to be in very good sync with each other at all. I was considering the solution at the bottom of this page:

I wanted to get some opinion on whether you thought that might work.

Second, the 1/125, 1/60 and 1/30 speeds are wacky. Just looking at the right lens, 1/125 is a mite slow but I can probably live with that. But, 1/60 is way fast. 1/30 is also a bit fast.

I have an amateur understanding of how this shutter operates so I'm looking for guidance on how to bring it in line. I'm eager to learn.

I don't need precision, just consistency and synchronization.

Thank you!