Sure, Some time on the weekend when they actually let me out during daylight hours. :-)

Right now it is simply a plastic k-mount body cap with a hole cut in it to allow me to mount my view camera lenses on it. This one will fit a #0 shutter and currently has a Wollensak 90mm f6.8 lens on it. I then mount that body cap on a bellows made for a 35mm camera for focusing and can attach it to my digital or film SLR. So far I have only tried it on the digital as that makes it easier to try out different things with it.

Once I have this basic setup all worked out I plan to try making a few tilt-shift bellows or sort of Lensbabies type mounts to see if I can apply the same moves to the smaller formats that I used to use one a large format camera. That part of it may not work for anything other than Lensbaby type special effects however as I understand that the movements need to be quite precise when you are working with that smaller scale.

--Bruce Horn