I am researching new materials and found that Zeiss , Canon , Nikon and other lithographic equipment makers are waiting the development results from Schott Jena on Lutetium Aluminum Oxide Garnet.
Well it will be expensive.
I am not a scientist but I found that lutetium oxide can dissolve in water !
I want to learn that how much powder can I mix to the water , do powder increase the refractive index with water and how much ? Can I mix titanium dioxide with water ? Do water metal mix goes to acidic and dangerous ?
Can I move water tio2 mix with electromagnetic force ? I think this is not possible with lutetium but I am not sure .
I think this can be exotic to mix lots of powders with liquids and change the colors and degrades of picture.
I loved it.
AgX , please try to answer.

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac